Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (2023)

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

A popular creamy white paint color that looks great in almost any home

I have another paint post for you. I think I promised you this post when I talked about Sherwin Williams Alabaster and I never followed through with my promise.

Bad blogger

Many years ago before I started this little blog of mine, I used to despise picking out paint colors. It was horrible.

Don’t get me wrong, it still is

So many paint options. Too many options in my opinion. Why do we need 456,265 different shades of white to comb through to find the perfect one?

Is there a perfect white paint color?

Nope, there isn’t

I really wish there was one white paint color that would look good in every home and in every room.

Since white is so reflective, you need to take everything into consideration…from your lighting to your furnishings and to even how many trees you have outside.

Lots of trees outside the room you are painting means the possibility of green undertones showing up.

Picking a white paint is a tricky tricky thing.

I like start off with a “popular” white paint color and go from there. It’s a good starting point. From there you can decide if you want a warmer or cooler white or a white with less yellow undertones.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is among one of them and is definitely a great starting point.

As luck would have it, I’m visiting my parents in Florida and guess what they have all over their walls?

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (1)

Obviously, the answer is Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams….

So lucky for you, I grabbed my dad’s camera and started snapping some pictures.

How To Sample Greek Villa

I cannot stress enough how important it is to sample your paint in your home. I highly recommend getting paint samples from Samplize. They offer paint samples from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Farrow and Ball. They also offer overnight shipping.

I cannot tell you how many paint samples I have.

You can also get a sample jar from Sherwin Williams and paint a sample on foam board.

White paint is tricky and no matter what I am about to tell you, you still need to sample your paint in YOUR home.

Not my parents’ condo

Doesn’t mean you have to stop reading this blog post though, K

What color is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Greek Villa is a white paint color but is not a stark white. It is a creamy soft white with some warm undertones in it.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (2)

Is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa warm or cool

Greek Villa is a warm paint color. It has some very light beige undertones to it making it the warm paint color it is.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa Undertones

Greek Villa has a neutral base and like I said has some beige undertones to it. It also has a touch of yellow and sometimes green undertones to it.

Does Sherwin Williams Greek Villa Look Yellow

This all depends on your lighting. And while I did say that Greek Villa has a touch of yellow undertones, these undertones rarely ever show up on your walls though.

But once again, this is why you need to sample paint on your walls….morning, noon and night.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (3)

Where To Use Greek Villa

Greek Villa is such a versatile paint color. You can use it anywhere. On your trim, on your cabinets, on your walls and it’s even a great exterior paint color.

You cannot go wrong with Greek Villa

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (4)

Sherwin- Williams Greek Villa Coordinating Colors

I know many will ask what color they should paint their trim if their walls are Greek Villa. I usually and always recommend that you paint your trim the same color as your wall but use a different sheen.

My parents, however, painted their trim White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (5)

Since Greek Villa paint is so versatile, it’s pretty easy to find coordinating colors. I stuck with colors that had some warm tones to them since Greek Villa is a warm white

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (6)

Greek Villa Paint LRV

I try to not get too technical over here and for a while I never talked about paint’s LRV. However, the more posts I write about paint, the more I realize how important LRV is when picking your paint.

LRV stands for Light Reflective Value. LRV measures the amount of visible light that reflects from a painted surface

The higher the number, the whiter the paint. The lower the number the darker your paint will be.

Greek Villa has an LRV of 84

You can assume a white paint color with a LRV of 84 isn’t going to be one of your starker whites and Greek Villa is definitely not a stark white.

Greek Villa vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

A couple of years ago I did a post about Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Once again my parents’ condo came to the rescue.

Greek Villa has a touch more beige undertones than Alabaster while Alabaster has a touch more gray undertones to it.

Here is what Sherwin Williams Alabaster looks like in Ohio

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (7)

And here is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa in Florida

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (8)

It’s hard to tell the difference between the two, especially on a computer screen. Have I suggested you need to sample paint colors on your walls?

I know I have but I cannot stress it enough!

Greek Villa vs Pure White

Another popular white paint color is Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

(Note to self-do a blog post on Pure White)

Pure White is more of a cooler white and has more blueish and cooler undertones than Greek Villa.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (9)

If you are look for a white paint color that isn’t too stark and isn’t too creamy and has just the right amount of warmth to it, Greek Villa might be a great paint color for you!

DIY Painting Supplies

I listed out some of my favorite items I use when painting…

(This post contains affiliate links.You can see my disclosure policy here)

Benjamin Moore Classic Colors Fan Deck: Just in case you want to be even more overwhelmed you can order all of the Benjamin Moore classic paint colors

Same goes for Sherwin Williams Paint Deck

Paint brushes: I love all of Wooster’s paint brushes but this one is hands down my favorite one to use. It makes cutting in so much easier.

Paint Roller Cover

Painter’s tape: I hate taping and I really try to avoid it but when I can’t I make sure I use a good tape

Drop Cloths: Yes, you need them and you need many. I have used trash bags and old shower liners before too.

Cleaning Cloths: These are amazing every day cloths for cleaning but work great for baseboards and walls before painting.

Paint Cup: This paint cup is brilliant and has a magnetic strip so your paint brush stays safe from falling in your paint.

Multi Position Paint Brush tool: The best tool you will ever use if you have tall ceilings or just in general. I used something similar to this to paint my 15 foot ceilings in my family room and it was a life saver.

Paint Edger: This might get a bad rap but if you do it right, it has been a nice helper for me. Especially when trimming around windows and along baseboards.

Touch up cup: Nothing is worse than having to pull out the whole can of paint for a little touch up.

Step Ladder

How to choose the right paint color

Start with inspiration:

I talked a little bit about this in this post but I’ll touch on it again. Picking your paint color for your walls should be one of the later things you do when designing a room.

Find a large focal piece (rug, art, window treatments) and look for colors in those pieces that catch your attention. Get on Pinterest and look at magazines. Get some ideas of what you like. It is your house.

Decide on the mood of the room:

Do you want your room to be light and bright or dark and moody? If you home doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light, stark white walls might look dingy. I would consider a paint with some color to it.

Grab your swatches and bring home samples

Bring home some swatches and ideally some sample paints if you feel extra ambitious. Use large foam boards from the dollar store and paint sample boards. Test them in every room. Remember each room gets different natural light. See how they look in the morning and at night.

Like I said, you can orders samples as well from Samplize. This is where I get all of my samples. They get shipped overnight and the samples are large so you can get a real representation of how the color will look in your space.

Consider everything in your home…your trim, your floors etc. My floors are Brazilian cherry (aka very red) and I knew I wanted a color just a tad cooler to play off the warm red tones of the floor.

Is your trim bright white, or creamy white? Very cool gray colors might not play well with very warm white trim.

Get what I am saying?

If you want to see the undertone of color, look at the darkest color on the paint color strip.If you love a paint color but fear it can be too dark, ask them to cut it with 25% or 50% white.

Good luck and happy painting!

If you want to save this for later, you can pin it here:

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa (10)

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